To provide space where people can commemorate their loved ones who passed away and immortalize them in this new modern - digital - world.

Yearly, we will donate 10% of our proceedings to charity (email us with suggestions, please).




Sometimes we learn about a family member's or friend's passing while we're on a business trip or are simply too far away from where it happened to be there in person. We believe that has already happened to all of us.

Sometimes very bad things happen on the other side of the world, a calamity or some other type of a tragedy. Even though we don't personally know the people who suffered, we feel for them. Unfortunately, that happens way too often these days, especially man induced disasters. Our hearts and prayers go out for the victims.

At FieldOfCandles.com, anyone can light a candle to pay tribute and commemorate a loved one, a celebrity, or any other person who passed away. Each candle lit can be shared on social media to celebrate a life of someone who has passed away or simply to raise awareness of a cause.

Throughout the history of humankind, people have been trying to immortalize those who passed away. To do that, tombstones were built, candles were lit, eternal flames burnt. We decided to provide the best means to honor someone in the digital world.

These pages provide you with a simple tool to light either a candle for a specific amount of time or an eternal flame which will burn for as long as there’s Internet.

Part of our mission is also charity. We're committed to donating 10% of all sales to charity. Whoever decides to purchase a candle will thus be taking part in this and we thank you for it. Please, let us know which charity organization is your favourite as we would prefer to go with the charity of your (ie popular) choice. 


Enjoy your stay here and tell your friends about us!